This page is for those interested in selling their fleece to or getting their wool spun / carded by S Twist.

Buying Fleece:

All offers considered. I am paying nearly double market price for suitable fleece. I am especially interested in hogget fleece, coloured fleece or specific breeds e.g. Galway. Drop me an email: thespinner’at’

Spinning Wool:

I am delighted to say that S Twist will start to offer a mill spun service. You send your fleece to us and I will get it back to you carded or spun. We have single ply sock weight and double ply heavy worsted weight available. The minimum weight is only 4 kilo. Special prices for companies who deal in Irish wool, charities or educational initiatives. Contact me for more details.

Prices include skirting and scouring:

Carded : 25 Euro per kilo
Spun yarn : 50 Euro per kilo


Got a special colour in mind? I do batch dyeing or individually dyed skeins.


The best of both worlds. You send me your fleece and I pay you in carded wool or yarn. As an introductory offer, I am offering a 10% discount on my price.

What happens to the wool:

When the wool arrives in Tipperary, I will skirt the fleece. This means I will take away the rougher, dirtier parts of the fleece which are not usable. Then the fleece will go through a natural, cleaning process which uses only rainwater and the natural characteristics of the fleece to clean and scour away the grease. I leave about 10% grease in the fleece to protect the wool better during carding and to help spinning. I then scour it again at the end of the spinning process. If you are getting your wool carded, you can choose between fully scoured or not.

After being dried out in the open, the wool is packed and sent to our partner processor. There it is carded and spun.

The wool is then sent back to me. At this stage, the wool still contains a small amount of grease which is left there to better protect the fibres during carding and spinning. The grease is removed and the yarn is set. I can leave this step out if you are using the wool for weaving.

If you have any other questions, please drop me an email at thespinner’at’

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