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S Twist Wool is a new, Irish hand spinning company with its operations split between Tipperary and Dublin.

My wool is collected from local farmers in the Kilkenny / Tipperary region. The wool is washed using a natural fermentation method. This ensures that no harmful chemicals are used. All the washing is done by hand and the wool is dried in the open air.

Mindful of our carbon footprint, all of our natural dyes are gathered locally. After extensive testing and hundreds of samples, we have identified three local dyes which we feel are fast enough to be offered. A lot of the experimentation centred around low-energy dyeing methods, such as solar and fermentation dyeing. To date, the results have not been adequate, but I hope that in the future that I can offer this.

The wool is hand spun on a wheel that I developed myself. There are other designs in planning which should widen my range of yarns and dyeing options in the future.

Here are some reviews of my wool by crafters:

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